The YEShares operates as a virtual office, free info about Japan and an one stop solution of global consulting which provides a comprehensive services & learning courses on how to build networks/ business connection with Japanese in Japan and across the globe

YEShares  -Tokyo

TOKYO-PMC services for organizations & individuals interested in entering the Japanese market.

What is P Service

PROJECT Transformation Solutions?

Project Transformation Solutions offers our customers/ partners a fast and agile approach to solution design and business innovation. Through Project Transformation Solutions, we give your business a comprehensive consulting and access to global talent, on demand whether you need specialists for a small projects, or an experienced large scale project team on the ground to deliver your product to the APAC region or inside of Japan.

What is M Service

MEETINGS & Events Organization?

Our YEShares's event team provide professional advice in organising meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. YEShares offers a wide range of venues including virtual for your events, and if you are an individual or company considering holding an event in Japan, please apply directly to this website.

What is C Service

COMPREHENSIVE Partnership Arrangement?

Our unique service platform will help you to find different international/ Japanese partners. The decision of cooperation with foreign partners is one of the most important and difficult, it's only up to you to decide which one is the best. YEShares provide in-house advisors to meet with, and provide a consultation to the global companies.

How does it work for PROJECT Transformation Solutions?

Through Project Transformation Solutions: a.) We source the Designer/ PMO(project mangement officer) you need through our network b.) We use our Design-Build/ PM framework and SME support to train your assigned PMO c.) We partner with Project Management Professional (PMP) to manage and control your project from start to finish and therefore execute on a much quicker timeline. d.) We built-in flexibility with our tiered-prices structure to meet your required deliverables at the right fixed price e.) You gain access to the package you need to facilitate your project.

How does it work for MEETINGS & Events Organization?

Through our service, we will help you to find the ideal setting for your event in our range of venues, inside or outside Tokyo. We also organise a customised event option for you, drawing on our experience and contacts. Let us know what you would like, and we will make sure your event is a success.  

How does it work for COMPREHENSIVE Partnership Arrangement?

Through our service, Global companies submit their business proposal to YEShares, who shares it with Japanese companies actively seeking business partnerships with global businesses. Once a Japanese company expresses interest in a proposal, YEShares arranges an introductory meeting between both parties. One of the most important decisions a foreign company can make when entering Japan is choosing the right business model. Each business model carries its own legal, tax, and representation demands, all of which can impact a company's long term success. 

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